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 Zombies Wear Purple

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PostSubject: Zombies Wear Purple   Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:02 am

[OOC: Dont even ask, I can't write topic names and yeah v.v But im posting something just for the sake of posting at least something per room change.. Razz]

Dimitri opened his eyes blearily, blinking in the bright light that made his head ring. He sat up slowly, the movement only making him dizzier, and looked around the room.
The ringing in his head only confirmed the pieces of memory he could recall from the party- he had got drunk, enough said. His sighed, knowing he probably had embarassed himself in some form in front of everyone. Luckily, he thought to himself, he would not have to face them for a long time now. He hadn't met that many people in one place since the Dinner Party, and that had seemed like forever ago, so he could safely assume the vast majority of the faces he saw he would not see again- either he would out-live them, or he would not last until the next one of the Villain's events.
He must have slept for a long time already, yet he couldn't see any reason why he shouldn't just give up and go back to sleep. If it wasn't for the fact he was so thirsty he would have laid back down again. He didn't care if his room mate was stuck with his comatose self, whoever they were he was sure they would be happy to avoid conversation with him after they relalised what he was like awake.
He stood up, feeling relatively sturdy which was always a good sign. He slowly walked over to the other side of the room, finding the water bottle, and not even giving the sleeping body next to it a second glance. He quickly took large sips, but hastily stopped when he realised he was nearly draining the entire bottle. He knew alcohol was a dehydrator but this was ridiculous. He hurried into the bathroom and leant against the tap, using it like a water fountain. He was sure however unhygenic that was it wouldn't kill him... well it was less likely to than the rest of the stuff in here.
Once he was done he sat down on the bathroom floor, his once empty stomach now not feeling so good at the prospect of being full once more with water. 'Urgh..' he groaned, rubbing his forehead and grimacing at the prospect of his remaining hangover.
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Zombies Wear Purple
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