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 Christmas Gifts + New List

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PostSubject: Christmas Gifts + New List   Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:08 am

After the Christmas Party, a lot of characters have gotten objects they could carry around, but no place to have them. That is why, when everyone wakes up after the Christmas Party, everyone will own a suitcase! Very Happy
(Yes, I know, I'm a genius Wink)
The suitcase will have your name on it, printed in white letters on the front. This is how the suitcase looks, and all the suitcases will be identical, with an exception of the name written on it of course.

Now, when you put stuff in your suitcase, have some common sense. You can't fit the world in there, so if you try to pack too much, I will take some stuff out of your properties list.
Anyone who did not recieve all their presents at the party due to lack of time and/ or being unactive will still have their gifts gift wrapped in their suitcases.

Properties list:
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Christmas Gifts + New List
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