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 {AU} What If...

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PostSubject: {AU} What If...   Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:10 am

This is an AU with Meg and Sinbad as protagonists, i won't tell you more, hope you'll like it :3
(and, if there are mistakes, pleas forgive me v.v)

It was almost morning, in the whore house the prostitutes were finishing to work. Antoine was counting the money that he had earned during the night: it was a huge amount.
It was in that moment that Meg entered in his office, closing the door behind her shoulders.
"I don't wanna die."
"Neither do I." replied laconic Antoine without even raising his glance from the money
"I'm not joking!"
At her serious tone finally Antoine looked at her: she seemed ok. Sure, she was tired, her hair were a mess as her makeup, but it was normal after a night of work. But he knew that what was wrong about her was impossible to see, at least for now.
She was sick. A cancer was devouring her from the inside, lying in her lungs.
It was possible find a cure, she could still be healted, but it was expensive, and needed a long rest.
She couldn't afford it.
Even if she have had enough money to can buy the cure and rest for an year or two, coming back she hadn't had a work anymore: her old customers would have forgotten her, and she would have been too old to start over again.
She had to stay.
Continue to work.
Wait for the cancer to become painful.
And then die.
There wasn't a solution.
Or maybe…
"I don't wanna die." Meg repeated with fire in her eyes.
Antoine sighed, living the money on the desk and resting his back on the chair "Meg, baby, we already talked about it. It's up to you. Wanna go? Go, i won't stop you, but after that i won't see you anymore."
"There's another possibility"
Antoine looked at her raising an eyebrow:
"So what's your plan?"
"What do you do with your good sluts that get too old?"
"I…" Antoine stopped and frowned, getting her point. He opened again his mouth and then closed it again
"Meg…" he started in the tone of a person that wanna convince someone else to give up with a stupid idea, but Meg stopped him moving two steps toward him
"No, listen to me! You help them, you find a husband for them, someone with the money, someone that can take care of them. You do it for the best ones."
Antoine tried to stop her but she raised her voice without stop
"I've worked here for more then ten years, i've earned more money than anyone else, i've been the best one, i deserve it. You owe me this!"
Antoine's glance turned on in anger: how dared she? He was ready to shout hardly at her and beat her as she deserved, Meg noticed it and couldn't help but doing a step behind, tought she didn't lower her glance.
Antoine opened his mouth, but in the end, frowning, he decided to do nothing.
After a few minutes of silence he asked
"Did you have anyone in mind?"
Meg looked at him surprised "What?"
"We have to choose one of your customers, we can't think to someone that doesn't know you, it would create too many problems."
Meg looked at him with an empty glance: he had accepted. He had decided to help her!
And of course that he had decided so, Meg had really been a great resource for Antoine, and since she was going to leave however, why don't help her going away alive? After all, even if it was hard to believe, Antoine cared for Meg in his own way. It was a hard world, and he tought first for himself, but, even if only like a pet, he really cared for Meg, she was one of the few people on the earth that he really wished to can help.
"Well… i…i don't know…" Meg hadn't thought to this 'detail', she wasn't even sure to can go that far… who could be the one? But after a few seconds she had an idea… "What… what about Sinbad?"
"Are you crazy? SInbad is too young, and he's also married."
"…he hates his wife…"
"But is still with her, and as I said is too young. Think to someone older: old men are less annoying, and when they die their wife inherit their fortune, and since they're old their wife haven't to wait a lot."
"Meg, this has always been my strategy with the others, and the others were happy about it. You are a whore, you can't erase it, and trust me you don't wanna spend the rest of your life with someone that will see you only as his slut! A couple of years with an old man are fine, an entire life… I would think it twice…"
Meg shakes her head "My oldest customers are not that old, they won't die that fast, and they're the most violent, most of the are really sadistic. I can't spend 20 years with them, it would be worse then be dead!
Sinbad, on the other hand, is sweet, and kind, and polite. He likes me a lot, and he likes to talk. He's a so simple man, i really don't understand how is wife could not get on well with him! It would be enough have sex with him, he's the kind of hand that think with his cock… listen, I know him, i know how to get on well with him, even spend a lifetime with him wound't be that bad!"
Antoine looked at her studying her expression, then he sighed.
"If you're so sure…"
"I am." replied firmly her.
Antoine sighed again.
"Fine. Next time he'll come, i'll work on it…"
"Thanks Antoine"


Sinbad was walking vastly toward the whorehouse: he could have token the car, but after the fight with Cinderella he had preferred to walk a bit, tought he couldn't wait to see Meg.
In that moment he needed her so badly: her hair, her perfume, her smile, her gentle touch, her soft skin, her sweet glance, her ability to listen to him and be there for him whenever he needed her...
He entered in the whore house and walked strength to Antoine's office: he didn't have an appointment, as always after a fight with Cindy, but he was an affectionate customer and he usually didn't have neither to wait to see Meg. He had just to pay.
WIth a hand already on his wallet, he knocked at Antoine's door and entered.
"Mr Wilson, is always a pleasure see you"
Welcomed him Antoine, leaving his desk.
"Mr Facilier…" greeted him back "I wanted to see Meg, is she free?"
Antoine frowned at his words, but he regained immediately his calm and with a smile gestured to Sinbad to sit down, offering him a glass of vodka that Sinbad accepted
*Probably Meg is busy…* thought the boy
"Mr Wilson, would you like to try one of our new girls this night?"
At Antoine's question SInbad almost drowned with the vodka: was he crazy? If he was there, it was only for Meg, he wasn't interested in any other whore.
"No, thanks." replied coldly.
Antoine seemed uncomfortable. "Are you sure? I can give you a free trial for this night…"
"Mr Facilier, i'm here for Meg. If she's busy i'll wait or i'll come back another time, but i'm not interested in anyone else. Now, can i see her or not?"
"Is… not that… simple…" replied Antoine raising again from his chair: his glance seemed worried…
SInbad frowned "What does it mean?" he asked uncertain, then, more and more worried, he asked again "What's going on?"
Antoine sighed, then gave a look at the door to be sure it was closed and looked again at Sinbad
"Y You see, Meg… she… she will have to stop working soon… It's why we are proposing to her customers, new girls..." Antoine seemed more and more uncomfortable, but Sinbad barely noticed it
"What… Why? Why will she stop to work?"
"This… this is actually something that I shouldn't say, you know… she wouldn't want…"
"What? I need to know, tell me. Why will she stop to work?"
Antoine looked at him unsure, then she sighed again
"She's sick."
"What? But… she's ok, right? I mean, is nothing serious…"
"It's a cancer."
Sinbad froze. Meg… a cancer?
"B…but it's curable, isn't it?"
"It depend…"
"On what?"
"It… it could be curable… but… it's complicated…"
"Why? Why is complicated?" without even noticing it, SInbad had started to raise his voice, now he was almost yelling
"Because it's expensive!"
"I can pay for her!" he replied without even thinking about it
"It's really expensive."
"I don't care, i can afford it."
"It's… it's not only this…"
"So what? Where's the problem? I don't get it!"
"To be cured she'll need to rest! For a year, maybe for two… If she can't work for so long customers will forget her, she's not a baby anymore, she can't re start after a so long absence. She'll be cutted away. She'll end up on a street. It's better be dead."
"But I can help her…"
"Doing what?" Antoine laughed "You'll pay for her for a short while, then you'll have other things to care for, it's a story that i already know that story."
"But… so… what can i do?" Asked him desperately.
Antoine sighed.
"Nothing, i guess. You know… she's only a whore but she's a nice girl… she would deserve something better, someone that would really take care of her, someone that could love her, give her a house, a family…" Antoine sighed "But nobody will… So she hasn't a lot of choose, she'll stay here and… well, she'll wait…"
SInbad swallowed. So Meg… she was really going to…
Gosh, he needed to breath…
"So, what do you want to do?"
"I… i think that i'll pass… another time…"
Still lost in his thoughts, SInbad left the room.

Antoine looked him abandoning the room, and as soon as he left a sly smile appeared on his lips.
The secondary door behind his desk opened and Meg walked toward him.
"What do you think?"
"Give him a couple of days and he will be yours"


Had passed a week from his conversation with Antoine.
Sinbad was walking again toward the whorehouse, he was tense, really tense, but he had had time to think and that was what he wanted.
He entered in the whorehouse and stepped fastly toward the room where he knew Meg would have been: he had called an hour before to be sure to find her free.
And there she was, lying on a sofa, even more beautuful than he remembered.
Sinbad swallowed, entered in the room and closed the door behind his shoulders.
"Hey Meg"
"Oh, lovely boy, what's up?" she asked raising and walking toward him
"Meg, i need to talk to you…"
"I'm here to listen" she said with her seductively smile,
"N…no, please… you… sit down again"
Meg raised an eyebrow but she did as he told to her.
"Meg I… you… I… I just… don't know how to start…"
"Hey, relax lovely boy: just breath and then start from the beginning."
Her sweet smile had always the power to calm him down: he breathed and then, slightly calmer, he talked again
"I… I've talked with Antoine, the last week, and… he told me… about…"
"Yes, i know…" Meg interrupted him, in her voice there wasn't anger or disappointment, just a little sadness.
"So now you know why I'll leave soon"
"No! That's… that's it! I… I have to…" he rummaged franticly in his pockets, while the anxiety was coming back When he finally menaged to take the little box in his pocket he opened it toward Meg showing her simple but still beautiful ring and with a voice broken for the emotion he asked
"Wanna marry me?"

Meg looked at him surprised, opening her mouth.
She had planned it with Antoine, she knew that it was going to happen.
Still, she was surprised and emotioned.
She thought that she would have had to pretend to be surprised.
But she didn't have to.
She had received a lot of proposal in the past, but…
that time was different…
that time…
that time she was going to say…
SInbad expression appeared suddenly so lost at her word that she felt really guilty, but…
she had to be honest with him…
"You have to know… i'll need money to be cured"
"I know"
"I… I can't have children"
"Evene better, i don't like children"
"There's a lot that you don't know about me"
"I know that i love you, i'll learn the rest."
Meg couldn't help but smile: SInbad was looking at her with a so worried, scared, anxious and hopeful glance…she breathed, and then…
"Yes… yes i'll marry you."

(should i continue it? X3)
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{AU} What If...
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