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 ..A house gets cold when you cut the heating..

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PostSubject: ..A house gets cold when you cut the heating..   Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:40 am

[OOC: *cough* when all else fails, and you cant for the life of you think of a topic name, lyrics to songs you are listening to are just as good, even if they make no sense in relation to the rp v.v]

Dimitri woke up in another room. He assumed he had been in it before, after all it had been so long now in here that he was sure there were very few he hadn't seen, but without the furniture any 4 walls looked the same. He hadn't even noticed the room change, for he had still been asleep when the sleeping gas kicked in. Still he made an effort to sit up and go to the bathroom to wash his face. The cold water would wake him up.
The girl beside him was new to him- he didn't recognise her at least. He couldn't really be bothered to talk to her though, so he didn't even try to wake her.
He started to wash his face in the basin, sure enough the cold water waking him up. He sighed to himself, thinking back at everything that had happened. He ignored the hint of regret he was feeling, instead focusing on washing. But it still remained, and he started to doubt his plan to push everyone away when the unforgiving lonliness began to kick in.
Shaking his head, he shook his hands dry and walked into the other room to see if the girl would wake up. He had made up his mind- nothing better than to stick to it... it would be a change from all his other plans he'd changed his mind on. Rather than try to talk to her he just sat down and stared at her, before reaching out to the bread and water which he sipped whilst sitting in the silence.
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..A house gets cold when you cut the heating..
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